Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DEATH IN DAHLONEGA by Deborah Malone

A cup of hot chocolate and a good ol' whodunnit novel... life cant get any better!

We follow the lead character Trixie whos is a reporter for a magazine on her trip to the lovely lovely lovely town of Dahlonega to cover the Gold Rush Days (I'm guessing it is some kind of event celebrating the discovery of gold in the land decades ago).Her friend Dee Dee tags along with her for the trip, mixing work with pleasure and thats always a recipe for disaster.Things take a turn for the worst when Dee Dee is found standing over a dead man with a bloody pick axe in her hand. The rest of the book follows how Trixie tries to finish her assignment and keep Dee Dee out of the slammer.

I breezed through this book...i finished it in two sittings... I was hooked to it from the very FIRST chapter!
What was most refreshing about the book was that the author did not spend the first few pages just building up the main character, Trixie's life. We learn more about her as we progress through the book and that's great! I loved Trixie, she was really funny, i loved her sarcasm. Absolutely envy the friendship between Trixie and Dee Dee.. 
Loved the Georgia mountain town which was brilliantly described by the author so much so that you can actually picture it.
Overall, a nice cozy mystery.

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