Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BLOOD RED ROAD by Moira Young

OMG! I loved this book!! Dint expect to, somehow i hate novels set in desert lands (yes, i'm weird that way) but i had heard so many rave reviews about it, i had to check it out... and boy, am i glad i did! this has turned out to be one of my favorite books of 2012...one of the best dystopians i have ever read!..okay,, okay, i gotta stop gushing... but i do love this book!
Blood Red Road is about a girl named Saba fighting against all odds to keep her promise to her twin brother, Lugh and save him from the bad guys.... The story-line aint so different from many others but the story definitely is... 
I loved Saba, her language, her strength, her flaws, everything about her... Usually we come across female protagonists who are too good to be true, both physically and emotionally "perfect"..... but Saba aint nothing like that... she is mean, she is selfish, she is rude, she is arrogant etc etc..She has sooo many flaws, yet we tend to love her with all her flaws...
The character development was amazing! especially in Saba and Emmi... they started out thinking the world started and ended with Lugh but by the end, both of them realized they were just as strong if not stronger than Lugh.
The romance was also okay...i mean i like that there wasn't much of it...it kind of just lingered throughout the story... there was neither rushing nor gushing... and that's good.
Last but definitely not the least, Nero! Oh how i wish i had a crow for a pet! Haha...loved him, loved him, loved him!
The writing style didn't bother me much, i didn't have any difficulty following it (maybe as a result of years of IM-ing and SMS-ing).
Overall, an amazing, adventure-filled read...i definitely recommend it (if you still couldn't make out from all the gushing ;)

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