Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Across the Universe starts off with Amy, a 17 year old, being cryogenically frozen with her parents to board a space ship called Godspeed, on its three century long journey to a new planet called Centauri-Earth. Amy is in for a shock when she is brutally woken up 50 years prior to the landing of the spaceship, by a murderer.
The rest of the book consists of the politics within the ship which is ruled by an Eldest. She soon forms alliances with the successor of the Eldest, that is, the Elder and their search for truth behind the ship and the murders.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Though i have been hearing rave reviews about it for so long, i never thought i would even like this book which was being described as a sci-fi dystopia. Therefore, i kept pushing it further away in my TBR pile, but somehow i finally got down to it and am i glad! Though a little slow-paced, it was a really good read. The character ddevelopment was interesting. I started off hating Amy and Elder, i mean i just couldnt get them...but at the end of the book, i grew to love them and somehow start to understand why they acted that way when they did and that's very important in any book. You HAVE to like the lead characters in order to empathize with them. 

Overall, a great read.... Cant wait to read A Million Suns

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