Thursday, July 12, 2012

LIVING DEAD GIRL by Elizabeth Scott

The narrator is a 15 year old girl who has been held captive by a man named Ray for five years. Since she was 10, Ray has been 'taking care' of her, calls her by the name Alice, is told "never grow up" and will kill her parents if she ever tries to escape or calls for help. Though everyone who sees her knows there is something with her, no one cares enough to help. No one 'sees' her. She sees herself as the "living dead girl".

I finished this book in one sitting, because its only 170 pages long, but don't let the number of pages (or lack of it) fool you.  The narration had a kind of detached quality to it which perfectly fit Alice's state of mind. The sadness, helplessness, desperation and the pain was quite apparent.

The writing was powerful and moving. The author has skillfully avoided gory parts, but has left the readers to assume the horrifying details.

This is a gripping and haunting story that will leave you hollow and stay with you, long after you have finished it.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) by Sarah Mlynowski

To say I enjoyed this book wold be an understatement. I LOVED this book!
It was so much fun! I have become a Mlynowski fan for life!
We follow the main female protagonist, April, whose parents are divorced and she ends p with her dad in West-port (by choice) meanwhile her brother and mother moves to Paris with her new husband. Unfortunately for her, her father has remarried and has decided to move to Cleveland (which conveniently happens to be the hometown of her step-mom) as he has managed to obtain a more lucrative job there. April's world starts spinning when she is told the news and she along with her friend Violet manages to convince April's father to let April stay at Violets place till thee end of the year.
The glitch? They lead April's father to believe that April will be staying with Violet AND her mother but Violets mother is out of town!
The rest of the story revolves around how April copes on her own, managing living without parents and a love triangle.
If you are looking for a meaningful read, please head the other way around. Because this is definitely not for you!
This is a mindless, fun, hilarious, fun read...did i mention FUN? :)

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A WINTER KILL by Vicky Delany

I finished this book in one sitting... As soon as i received it by mail, i was on the couch devouring this little thing... Its a really short read...just over a hundred pages and the font was quite big, so it wasn't that hard for me to get through it as fast as i did...  After all, its a Rapid Reads book! :) It was fast, engaging and entertaining. 

Moving on to the plot, it follows a young police constable named Nicole Patterson, who comes across the body of a high school student, Maureen Grey, lying in a snow covered field outside of town. It soon becomes apparent that Maureen hailed from a very unstable family, shifting suspicion towards the drunkard father. 
Though under-qualified, Nicole starts an unauthorized investigation into the murder among the local folk, fueled by a personal obligation.

The author has blended a riveting plot with a host of interesting characters, tossed in a  mystery to solve and come up with a winner. It didn't take me long to plow through this one because i simply could not put this down. It had me guessing till the very last chapter and trust me, don't even try, you will never guess the ending!

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WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON by John Green & David Levithan

 had a really hard time rating this book.... i was torn btw 3 and 4...and finally ended up with 3 bcoz it was not as good as some of the books i rated as 4....
its kinda refreshing to read abt something "gays and how they try to fit in" and stuff....i mean u dn come across such stuff very often... 
this is an easy read...but its not sso hard to put it was a little slow for me to get into at the beginning...and i only got into it halfway thru... it was a bit depressing at places... i mean the hopelessness of the characters...and getting all silly and emotional over the most frivolous things got to me a bit...but there was Tiny Cooper to make up for all of it! Loved his character! Amazing! If only i could see and live life like him! :)

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Across the Universe starts off with Amy, a 17 year old, being cryogenically frozen with her parents to board a space ship called Godspeed, on its three century long journey to a new planet called Centauri-Earth. Amy is in for a shock when she is brutally woken up 50 years prior to the landing of the spaceship, by a murderer.
The rest of the book consists of the politics within the ship which is ruled by an Eldest. She soon forms alliances with the successor of the Eldest, that is, the Elder and their search for truth behind the ship and the murders.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Though i have been hearing rave reviews about it for so long, i never thought i would even like this book which was being described as a sci-fi dystopia. Therefore, i kept pushing it further away in my TBR pile, but somehow i finally got down to it and am i glad! Though a little slow-paced, it was a really good read. The character ddevelopment was interesting. I started off hating Amy and Elder, i mean i just couldnt get them...but at the end of the book, i grew to love them and somehow start to understand why they acted that way when they did and that's very important in any book. You HAVE to like the lead characters in order to empathize with them. 

Overall, a great read.... Cant wait to read A Million Suns

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BLOOD RED ROAD by Moira Young

OMG! I loved this book!! Dint expect to, somehow i hate novels set in desert lands (yes, i'm weird that way) but i had heard so many rave reviews about it, i had to check it out... and boy, am i glad i did! this has turned out to be one of my favorite books of of the best dystopians i have ever read!..okay,, okay, i gotta stop gushing... but i do love this book!
Blood Red Road is about a girl named Saba fighting against all odds to keep her promise to her twin brother, Lugh and save him from the bad guys.... The story-line aint so different from many others but the story definitely is... 
I loved Saba, her language, her strength, her flaws, everything about her... Usually we come across female protagonists who are too good to be true, both physically and emotionally "perfect"..... but Saba aint nothing like that... she is mean, she is selfish, she is rude, she is arrogant etc etc..She has sooo many flaws, yet we tend to love her with all her flaws...
The character development was amazing! especially in Saba and Emmi... they started out thinking the world started and ended with Lugh but by the end, both of them realized they were just as strong if not stronger than Lugh.
The romance was also okay...i mean i like that there wasn't much of kind of just lingered throughout the story... there was neither rushing nor gushing... and that's good.
Last but definitely not the least, Nero! Oh how i wish i had a crow for a pet! Haha...loved him, loved him, loved him!
The writing style didn't bother me much, i didn't have any difficulty following it (maybe as a result of years of IM-ing and SMS-ing).
Overall, an amazing, adventure-filled read...i definitely recommend it (if you still couldn't make out from all the gushing ;)

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DEATH IN DAHLONEGA by Deborah Malone

A cup of hot chocolate and a good ol' whodunnit novel... life cant get any better!

We follow the lead character Trixie whos is a reporter for a magazine on her trip to the lovely lovely lovely town of Dahlonega to cover the Gold Rush Days (I'm guessing it is some kind of event celebrating the discovery of gold in the land decades ago).Her friend Dee Dee tags along with her for the trip, mixing work with pleasure and thats always a recipe for disaster.Things take a turn for the worst when Dee Dee is found standing over a dead man with a bloody pick axe in her hand. The rest of the book follows how Trixie tries to finish her assignment and keep Dee Dee out of the slammer.

I breezed through this book...i finished it in two sittings... I was hooked to it from the very FIRST chapter!
What was most refreshing about the book was that the author did not spend the first few pages just building up the main character, Trixie's life. We learn more about her as we progress through the book and that's great! I loved Trixie, she was really funny, i loved her sarcasm. Absolutely envy the friendship between Trixie and Dee Dee.. 
Loved the Georgia mountain town which was brilliantly described by the author so much so that you can actually picture it.
Overall, a nice cozy mystery.

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