Thursday, July 12, 2012

LIVING DEAD GIRL by Elizabeth Scott

The narrator is a 15 year old girl who has been held captive by a man named Ray for five years. Since she was 10, Ray has been 'taking care' of her, calls her by the name Alice, is told "never grow up" and will kill her parents if she ever tries to escape or calls for help. Though everyone who sees her knows there is something with her, no one cares enough to help. No one 'sees' her. She sees herself as the "living dead girl".

I finished this book in one sitting, because its only 170 pages long, but don't let the number of pages (or lack of it) fool you.  The narration had a kind of detached quality to it which perfectly fit Alice's state of mind. The sadness, helplessness, desperation and the pain was quite apparent.

The writing was powerful and moving. The author has skillfully avoided gory parts, but has left the readers to assume the horrifying details.

This is a gripping and haunting story that will leave you hollow and stay with you, long after you have finished it.

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